DSUFoundation CEO Celebrates Diwali With Students at TUFTS-MIT-BU

Post date: Dec 01, 2012 4:45:3 AM

Gayatri Pariwar Facilitates Diwali Puja At MIT, Tufts And Boston Universities

Press Release 


Annual Diwali Pujas at *MIT, TUFTS and Boston University* were celebrated this Hindu festival season. Gayatri Pariwar of Massachusetts helped with the creative facilitation and organization. To perform the unified puja of Sri Laxmi and Sri Ganesh to mark the occasion of Diwali, a popular puja event, enthusiastic, curious and receptive group of students converged at the the three Greater Boston area universities.  Diwali emphasizes the harmonization of of pure intellect (Sadbuddhi/सद्-बुद्धि) as a necessary pair of the auspicious abundance (Sammriddhi/समृद्धि). 

Puja participants invoked Sri Laxmi  in Her auspicious form of Sri  ('श्री' रूप). Where, she radiates the auspicious abundance to enrich and enliven the life of devotees. Laxmi puja started with the puja of Buddhi-Vinayak Sri Ganesh (बुद्धि-विनायक-श्री गणेश). Who is the presiding deity of pure-intellect or sadbuddhi (सद्-बुद्धि), that manifests as wisdom in everyday life. Students were particularly inspired with the idea of creating a harmony of Sad-buddhi and Sam-mriddhi in personal, family, social, national and global lives.

The exalted and sublime puja celebrations concluded with 'Dev-dakshina-purnahuti' (देव-दक्षिणा पूर्णाहुति), where participants took vows to give up one weakness/undesirable habit in their lives and also took a vow to inculcate a new strength/good habit for the continued progress and transformation of their lives. Devotees also offered the Gayatri Mantra Ahuti and Maha-Mrityunjaya Ahuti for promoting universal peace and happiness. Students also prayed for the spiritual strength and recovery to normal life for the people recently hit by severe storm Sandy on the eastern seaboard.

The three chapters of Hindu Student Council (HSC), very elegantly and efficiently hosted Diwali pujas to enrich the vibrant student life and bring awareness of Sanatana Dharma tradition. HSC’s vision is to inspire the development of an “integrated personality” based upon the spiritual and cultural treasures of Hindu heritage.

Since the middle of the last decade, volunteers of Gayatri Pariwar of Massachusetts through it's campus ministry, reach out to the Greater Boston area university campuses to help students celebrate their Hindu heritage and enrich Dharmic life. Where fall semester kicks off with the Sri Ganesh Utasva integrating the 'Gyan-deeksha Sanskaar' (ज्ञान दीक्षा संस्कार). And, the series of puja/celebrations come a full circle towards the end of Spring semester with Sri Sarasvati Puja integrating 'Samaavartan-Sanskar / समावर्तन संस्कार ', a graduation ceremony in Vedic Tradition and send off to seniors. Many got inspired and started Gayatri Mantra and Dhyana sadhana. Over the years thousands of students have benefited by Sanjay Saxena's  lucid commentaries based on Acharya Shriram Sharma's Scientific Spirituality (वैज्ञानिक अध्यात्मवाद),  on all aspects Sanatan Dharma traditions. In which these 'digital-natives' feel engaged and inspired with the timeless inner technologies of personal transformation propelling them on a path of success, happiness and fulfillment. *Video hyperlinks at the top*  (Watch More Puja videos here http://www.youtube.com/user/gayatrivideo)